Welcome to Pheno.Life

Pheno is a life insurance startup focused on demystifying insurance risk pricing through innovative blood testing.

The Science of Better Assessment

Pheno is focused on using proteomic science – the expression of blood proteins – to gauge human health and identify the underlying biological age, ultimately helping the life insurance industry better assess risk.

We study active markers.

Pheno is not a genomics company. We do not look at the genetic triggers of health. We look at the active behavioral and environmental markers of health. We offer a trackable interface of behavioral changes to health and the underlying biological age.

Biological Age Determination

Biological age is the personalized expression of the body’s aging mechanism. This is independent of calendar age. People 65+ years and older can have a biological age of ~45 years old, meaning their overall life expectancy is approximately 20 years longer than average.

Blood Testing & Insurance

Pheno is working on several initiatives around blood testing and insurance. We offer several services and products to enable accurate health screening and engagement.
Consumers & Providers
Pheno provides both consumer and insurance blood testing, with a number of US and international clients.  Our advanced testing yields quick and accurate results.
Free Individual Testing
Individuals can sign up for a free, confidential blood test from Pheno.  All results and data are completely confidential and totally free of charge.

Get a FREE, confidential blood test.